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PRP Centrifuge – DEJUN 4000rpm Lab Benchtop Centrifuges with Aluminum Alloy Rotor 8 x 10/15ml and Digital Display Laboratory Low Speed Desktop Centrifugal Machine


  • The PRP centrifuge has an aluminum alloy rotor which can be disinfected in high temperature, adopts good laboratory-quality material, meets the needs of daily use, has a nice appearance, large capacity, high efficiency, small size. The electronic door lock ensures overspeed protection.
  • Our lab centrifuge machine is driven by a brushless motor not the carbon brush, which provides a longer life. It adopts microcomputer control with automatic RCF calculation and setting, and intuitive digital display.
  • The low speed benchtop centrifuges runs smoothly with low vibration and low noise. Using a PRP centrifuge to separate the PRP tube can achieve a better separation effect.
  • This desktop centrifuge can set up speed, centrifugal force and time on the lab centrifuge, the parameters can be modified during operation to achieve a satisfactory centrifugal effect, and the operating parameters can be automatically memorized for convenient operation.
  • It is widely used in plasma qualitative analysis of life sciences, beauty institutions, medicine, food, chemical and biological laboratories.

815ml PRP Centrifugal TD4C Lab Medical Beauty Blood Centrifuge Laboratory Low Speed Centrifuge Machine with Digital Display 0-4000RPM


  • ★Microcomputer control: Touch panel, intuitive digital display, automatic operation parameters, easy to operate. The speed, centrifugal force and starting time can be set, and the parameters during operation can be modified to achieve satisfactory centrifugal effect.
  • ★Brushless motor: High-speed bearings, smooth operation, maintenance-free
  • ★Automatic protection function: Automatic protection functions such as overspeed and door cover ensure safety, proprietary airflow guiding design, low temperature rise and effective protection of samples.
  • ★The reagent can be symmetrically inserted into the rotor body with only a small number of tubes to be used, and the central symmetry effect is achieved, and asymmetric operation is never allowed.
  • ★TD4C desktop low-speed centrifuge is mainly used for medical treatment (such as: hospital, CDC, blood center, animal husbandry, radiology), research (such as: laboratory, research and development center), production (bioengineering, as long as engineering, genetic engineering, Biochemistry, plant extraction, blood preparation, food processing, petrochemical, cream separation, etc.

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JupiterForce Electric Lab Centrifuge Machine Mini Desktop Laboratory Medical Practice with Timer and Speed Control, Capacity 20 ml x 6,4000 RPM,110V


  • ✴【Excellent Quality】: This centrifuge is made of high-quality metal materials, surface powder spraying treatment, smooth surface, rust-proof, easy to clean, strong and durable, can accommodate 6 20 ml test tubes at the same time.
  • ✴【High Efficiency】: This centrifuge uses pure copper motor, the maximum speed can be up to 4000 rpm, and can be adjusted at will. It has timing function (1-60min) and is convenient for qualitative and quantitative experiments.
  • ✴【Good Operation】: The centrifuge is compact in design, light in weight, small in size, simple in operation and easy to carry. It runs smoothly and quietly without noise. Anti-skid footpad, eliminating excessive vibration. The best choice of centrifugal separation sample.
  • ✴【Widely Used】: Centrifuges can be used in biology, medicine, chemistry, food, education, cosmetology, life sciences and other fields.
  • ✴【Size and Weight】: Overall Size: 12 x 11.8 x 10.8 inches, Weight: 7.2 lbs.

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Yescom 800-1 Electric Centrifuge Machine Lab Laboratory Medical 4000RPM with 6x20ml Rotor Timer Speed Control


  • Separating the liquid from the solid particles or the liquid mixture of different density
  • Equipped with speed and timer control to meet your requirement
  • Include 6pcs centrifuge tubes of 20ml capacity each
  • Widely used in the laboratory, medical, chemistry and so on
  • Power Supply: 110V 60HZ; Maximum Speed: 4000r/min; Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force: 1790×g; Timer Range: 0-60min

Wanlecy Electric Lab Benchtop Centrifuge, LD-3 Low-Speed 4000rpm Centrifuge Machine 6 Tubes x 50ml, with Timer 0-60min and Speed Control


  • 【Main Technical Indicators】Model: LD-3, Maximum speed: 4000r/min, Centrifugal force: 2770 x g, Capacity: 50ml x 6, Timing: 0-60min.
  • 【Variable Speed Control】Timing control of motor speed, the clear control panel,timing by rotation button, easy to operate, spend less time.
  • 【Safe and Low Noise】Dustproof cover can effectively prevent the tubes of centrifugal machine from being dirty, at the same time, it also can decrease noise made by high speed of rotor.
  • 【Fixed-angle Design】The fixed-angle design of electrical centrifugal machine has the advantage that lacks of moving parts in the rotor, it can put lower stress to the metal, which can prolong it using life time. And multiple holes for you t choose.
  • 【Wide Application】Electric centrifuge is a routine laboratory centrifuge. Can be used in various fields such as biology, chemistry, food, education, beauty and so on. [If the product is damaged by logistics, please contact our customer service team. We will provide satisfactory after-sales service.]

SEAAN Lab Centrifuge Machine Low Speed 0-4000 RPM Electric Laboratory Centrifuge MCF 2100xg, Timer/Speed Control, LCD Display, Capacity 12 Pcs x 20ml,110V


  • Timer/Speed Control: Speed range: 0-4000r/min, timing rang: 1-999min. MCF: 2100 xg.
  • Capacity:12 Pcs x 20ml
  • LCD Display: Simultaneous display of speed and timing, intelligent control, intuitive reading, easy to know the operational situation.
  • Automatic Protection Function: Support smart automatic work,open the cover to stop working, close the cover and continue to work.
  • Wide Application: Widely used in medical medicine, petrochemical, biochemistry, genetic engineering, etc.

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JIAWANSHUN 8x20ml PRP Centrifuge Machine for Blood Lab Centrifuge Machine for Serum/Fat Separator with Timing Motor 4000r/min (110V)


  • 1. Note: the capacity of this centrifuge is 20x8ml. Please note that the capacity in the rotor tube cannot be 20ml. The capacity of the rotor tube shall not exceed 80% of the centrifugal tube capacity. Otherwise, the centrifugal effect will be very poor. It’s the same with other types of centrifuges. The capacity of the centrifuge tube itself is not the capacity of the actual test.
  • 2. The speed and time can be adjusted according to the need. It is very convenient and east to use. The adjustable speed range is 0-4000r/min and the timing range is 0-999mins. The maximum centrifugal force is 1920 xg.
  • 3. With a digital display screen, the speed and time are clear at a glance, and the reading is clear.
  • 4. Brushless DC motor drive, eliminating the trouble of replacement, high efficiency and stability, long service life
  • 5. It can be used in medical cosmetology industry, PRP, serum and fat separation, etc.

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LianDu Desktop Centrifuge AC 110V Electric Lab Benchtop Centrifuge Machine Lab Medical Practice Centrifuges with 1-99min Timer and 12000RPM Speed Control, 7900xg Centrifugal Force (US Plug)


  • 【HIGH-FREQUENCY BROAD VOLTAGE】Digital desktop electric centrifuge, adopts high-frequency broad voltage technical technology, ultra-low noise, stable operation, durable, safe and reliable. With flip switch function, the cover will automatically stop (open the cover and stop), and has electronic timing and speed adjustable function.
  • 【EFFICIENT & CONVENIENT DESIGN】Convenient and efficient 3-in-1 large-radius 18-hole rotor compatible with 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes. Fully transparent spherical top cover with multiple rotors for optimum results in the pursuit of creativity and simplicity.
  • 【MAIN PARAMETERS】Input voltage: AC 110V; Rotating speed: 1000-12000RPM; Maximum centrifugal force: 7900xg; Time: 1-99min; Sample Capacity: 6 x 2ml / 1.5ml / 0.5ml / 0.2ml centrifuge tube, 2 x 8 x 0.2ml (0.2ml PCR centrifuge tube); Noise: ≤45db(A); Product size: 196mm x 176mm x 122mm (7.5” x 7” x 4.5”); Package size: 290mm x 220mm x 170mm (11” x 8.5” x 6.5”); Shipping weight: 1.75kg/3.8lb.
  • 【ADJUATABLE TIMER & SPEED】Digital display and function buttons on the centrifuge machine, provide convenient controlling on 1-99min time and 1000-12000RPM speed, stable speed and low noise, you can adjust proper time and speed for your various demand.
  • 【HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGE】The high-speed electric centrifuge generates centrifugal force by rotating at a certain speed, so that the liquid test object in the centrifuge tube is separated and precipitated according to the particle size and mass under the action of centrifugal force, and the test speed and timing function are achieved for the purpose of the test.

POWLAB Electric Centrifuge Machine Desktop Laboratory Benchtop Centrifuges Lab Medical Practice with Timer and Speed Control – Low Speed,4000 RPM, Capacity 20 ML x 6-110v


  • Time rang:0~60min or without limit. Maximum relative Centrifugal force: 1790×g. Electric current:AC110V 60 HZ. Capacity:20ml×6
  • Maximum speed: 4000r/min.6 Tubes are provided in this lab centrifuge, the centrifugal capacity is 20ml per tube, benefitting your workflow efficiency.
  • The table-centrifugal machines are widely used in the laboratory or produce department fororganisms、 medical、 chemistry etc. The lower speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed 4000r/min and be equipped with/without timer. It mainly be used for the appraisal radioactivity and separate cell or particle.
  • Centrifugal machine is easy to use with its clear control panel for controlling the speed and time. bench-top centrifuge is equipped with speed and timer control to meet your requirement.
  • The lower-speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed, mainly be used for the appraisal of radioactivity immunity and separation of cell or particle labs to make qualitative analysis to serum, plasma, radio-immunity.

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Cekegon Centrifuge Machine 15ml x 8, TD4C Electric Lab Benchtop Centrifuges with LCD Screen, 99 mins Limit 4000rpm One-Button Switch, PRP Low Speed Centrifugal for Medical, Food, Blood


  • 🔋UPGRADED FUNCTION: TD4C desktop low-speed centrifuge has LCD screen, you can set the time, speed centrifugal force showed on it. and the brushless motor need not maintained, 2200xg, 4000rpm, waterproof, non-slipped, safe lock, the they are better than cheap products, you can reset them even if it is working, you will listen the beep reminder when the time over, which can protect the samples.
  • 🔋INTELLIGENT OPERATING SYSTEM: When the speed exceed 500r/min, the automatic protection function will make the speed slow down, and if the cover opened when it is working, the centrifuge will stop,making a beep reminder, keeping the balance, so it will protect the samples. The machine will automatically store the previous parameters for direct use next time.
  • 🔋EASY TO USE: You need turn on the power at the back of centrifuge, opening the cover, put the samples into the rotors, you must separated by the same distance, then setting the time and the speed you want, you can not go away until the speed reach to the number you set, when the time shows “0”, it will make beep sound. we test the product many times, it is super safe and stable.
  • 🔋WIDELY APPLICATION: Desktop low-speed centrifuge is widely used for medical, lab practice, research, genetic engineering, Biochemistry, plant extraction, blood preparation, food processing, beauty, etc.
  • 🔋HOW TO MAINTAIN CENTRIFUGE: Please clean it with wipes after using it, checking the rotors or tubes if it broken regularly, and you need keep it in the dry room. please Keep the balance of the rotors, which is good for keeping long time. Unplug when not in use. we focus on the quality of any product, we will try our best to deal with any problems.

The best way to get the most out of your centrifugal machine medical lab centrifuge products is by choosing the right ones for you. These are some things you should look for when trying to choose between different types of products.

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