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Pampered Chef Garlic Slicer and Peeler


    Sur la Table 2 in 1 Chef Grade Garlic Slicer and Chopper. 1 Gadget With Reversible Blades To Slice, Dice or Grate Whole Cloves Without Odor On Hands. Chopped or Diced Garlic Falls Into Clear Container


    • MULTI TOOL: This kitchen gadget is a must-have. Have one go-to tool in your kitchen for chopping, slicer, and greater. It comes with a container to keep food organized.
    • EASY TO USE: This Garlic Axe comes with 2 interchangeable blades, minced, sliced or diced it’s your call. The dicing blade creates cube-shaped garlic and the slicing blade creates longer and thinner garlic.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Handwash and dishwasher safe. All parts are removable for cleaning purposes. Assemble and disassemble quickly and easily.
    • HIGH QUALITY: This mini food chopper is made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel to support pressure as you press the lid towards the garlic or onion. Blades that are sharp yet safe for mincing, slicing, and dicing.
    • PERFECT GIFT: This holiday season give your friends and loved ones something helpful and useful on their day-to-day activity and this garlic press is surely one of them.

    Hutzler Garlic Slicer / Shredder


    • Mini mandolin for garlic
    • Makes thin garlic slices quickly and easily
    • Hand protector tightly grips garlic while keeping fingers safe
    • Non-slip rubber base keeps the slicer in place
    • Sharp stainless steel blade slices smoothly

    Checking chef garlic slicer products details is a must

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    Amco Garlic Press and Slicer


    • This 2-In-1 tool allows you to press or slice garlic
    • 2-Chamber design; one for pressing and one for slicing
    • Use the cleaning attachment or place in the dishwasher for easy cleaning
    • Made of nonstick coated, cast zinc
    • Dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up

    Fantes Garlic Slicer Grater, Stainless Steel, 8.75 x 2.25-Inches, The Italian Market Original since 1906


    • Fantes Uncle Cristian’s Garlic Slicer Grater easily creates paper-thin garlic slices or grates it into a fine paste
    • Made from stainless steel; removable sliding pusher plate protect fingers; handle allows a perfect angle for quick and easy food preparation
    • Easily slice or grate garlic into paper-thin slivers or a fine paste; add depths of flavor to favorite dishes quickly without the fuss and mess
    • Simply place peeled garlic inside the hopper and slide it along the blades or grater; pusher plate keeps hands safe and odor free
    • Sturdy, durable, easy to use; dislodge stubborn food bits with a gentle brush; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

    The details of the product are about the quality of the product. Good product details are also done very delicately.

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    Garlic Press, 2 in 1 Garlic Mince and Garlic Slice with Garlic Cleaner Brush and Silicone Tube Peeler Set. Easy Squeeze, Rust Proof, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean.


    • 【2 IN 1 FUNCTIONS】We have designed two holes, one can crush the garlic, one can cut the garlic into slices, you just need a light pressure, you can quickly get the desired effect!
    • 【Premium Aluminum Alloy】This garlic press is made of high quality aluminum alloy ,Light and strong , Have a non-slip handle Make you more comfortable to use.
    • 【Easy to use】 Our garlic press come with the little silicone peeler tube, Just cut off the head of the garlic and put it into the peeler, then rub with your hands.Put the peeled clove of garlic in the press and close the handle and squeeze the garlic through the screen, out comes mincer garlic and slicer garlic.
    • 【Easy to clean】 This is the best garlic mincer for easy clean. Just rinse it under water, it comes with two cleaner tools: A spiked cleaning attachment to easily push out anything stuck. A small cleaning brush to clean out the pieces of garlic that gets stuck in the sides and holes.
    • 【PERFECT MATCH】 Garlic Press and Peeler with cleaning brush ensure you to squeeze minced garlic with no more smelly hands while clean-up is a breeze.

    OXO Good Grips Garlic Slicer,White


    • Creates even, thin garlic slices quickly and safely with a sharp, angled, bi-directional stainless steel blade
    • Integrated food chamber keeps garlic contained and protects hands while slicing
    • Textured ramp prevents food from sticking
    • Food holder snaps horizontally over blade for safe, compact storage
    • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle

    Garlic Press, Garlic Mince and Garlic Slice, 2 in 1 Garlic Press, Crushing Easy-Squeeze Garlic Press, Ergonomic Handle Rust Proof Dishwasher Garlic Press


    • Premium material: This garlic press is made of premium aluminum alloy, simple structure, sturdy and durable
    • 2 In 1 Functions: This Garlic Mince is designed two holes, one can cut the garlic into slices, another can crush the garlic by your a light pressure
    • Easy to Use: Cut off the head of the garlic and put it into the garlic press, press the handle and you will get the mincer garlic and slicer garlic
    • Easy to Clean: This Garlic Slice ia so easy to clean, it comes with a cleaner tool which easily push out anything stuck, Dishwasher Safe
    • Garlic Press Size: 1.37 x 1.96 x 7.5 inch, include garlic press, garlic roller, garlic brush and garlic cleaning tool which attached on the garlic press

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    The Pampered Chef Garlic Press #2575


    • Garlic Press
    • Pampered Chef

    You’re in the market for a new chef garlic slicer product and you just can’t seem to find what you want. What do you do?  There are so many options on the market, which makes it difficult to decide where to spend your money.

    But don’t worry! We’ve already got you covered with this blog post about how to buy the best chef garlic slicer products!